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LinkedIn's second wind

Like many busy people I used to politely decline requests to join LinkedIn – a social networking website for professionals. A few weeks ago I finally gave it a try and on uploading my Gmail contacts a whopping 70+ people … Continue reading

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SecurAble – is your DEP working

Steve Gibson of GRC fame spits out another useful tool: It simply displays if some newer hardware features are available on your PC. The screenshot is verification that the 64 bit PC I built almost three years does support DEP. … Continue reading

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Linux web servers are case senstive

When re-hosting this blog I decided to go with an engine that published plain-jane html. The main reasons are: . Simplicity of hosting . Speed of pages to appear (i.e. no ASP.Net engine to ‘warm up’) . Should be simple … Continue reading

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HDMI Compatibilty Woes

Over the last few days I have been on forums and chatting with friends about HDTV. Anyone in the market should be aware that just getting HDMI is not enough. According to this article at cnet not all HDMI devices … Continue reading

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