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Our $16,000 bathroom remodel

OK, only kidding but it got you attention right. Over the last few years I know several people that fully remodeled a bathroom. Are you sitting down before I tell you the cost? Well the cheapest was $14,000 and the … Continue reading

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Paul Wilson tagged me – thanks Paul! Thanks for all the traffic you send my way too. Hopefully this list is not too boring: How many spots can you spot? Fast automobiles are my only vice, I shun status symbols … Continue reading

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Ramesh Sringeri: A new .Net Blogger

Ramesh and I met at South Carolina’s first code camp, and it is great to his blog get off to a good start. English grammar would be my last choice of subjects on Jeopardy, but I particularly like his rant … Continue reading

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HDTV – What everyone needs to know

Bright people surround my life, but I am often surprised when conversation steers to HDTV. Many of these otherwise intelligent and technical savvy people make basic mistakes. HDTV is not a ‘core-comptency’ of mine, but I am confident that this … Continue reading

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Bribing Bloggers (link to Joel)

Apparently Microsoft tried to give Joel a free Vista laptop. He has written about why it would be wrong to accept. Technology journalists receive free products to review every day; as long as no implied stings are attached I believe … Continue reading

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RSS Feed has moved

The new rss feed is: I did my best to provide redirects for all the old feeds, but some aggregators do not recognize them.

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42″ Plasma TVs are

This is a public service announcement 🙂 Tonight I was supposed to see Watts Humphrey speak, but Atlanta traffic put a stop to that! While killing time for rush hour to die down I wandered around a Best Buy and … Continue reading

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