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HDMI Compatibilty Woes

Over the last few days I have been on forums and chatting with friends about HDTV. Anyone in the market should be aware that just getting HDMI is not enough. According to this article at cnet not all HDMI devices are compatible … Continue reading

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HDTV – What everyone needs to know

Bright people surround my life, but I am often surprised when conversation steers to HDTV. Many of these otherwise intelligent and technical savvy people make basic mistakes. HDTV is not a ‘core-comptency’ of mine, but I am confident that this … Continue reading

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Cat-5 Wiring: Order matters – Duh!

This may be common knowledge to everyone but me. In our new house I made two long cat-5 cables to span from a switch to the 2nd xmbc xbox and a PC in a remote bedroom. Well neither (longish) cable would … Continue reading

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