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Slides from Atlanta User Group – Testing for Developers

That was another enjoyable night. I must give a big thanks to all the hundred or so people that showed up to hear me talk again. If anyone would like the slides please click here. Advertisements

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Book Review: VS 2005 Team System by Richard Hundhausen

All you really need to know is the following . This is one of the best written technical books I have ever read, and is an excellent introduction to Team System . If you have been working with Team System for … Continue reading

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See you at Mix06

Mix means developers, designers and business professionals at the same conference. Most devs I know are waiting for TechEd/ PDC, but I jumped at the chance to ‘win’ my ticket at the Architect’s meeting today (It will cost me about … Continue reading

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Speaking on Testing at the Atlanta .Net UG on Monday Feb 27th 2006

It is over three months since I last presented anywhere, so it is time to do it again: This is brand new material with only one slide carried from my NUnit presentations. The subject is testing, and on my first dry run it was utterly … Continue reading

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.Net Podcast Reviews

This is a continually updated collection of .Net podcast reviews. Last updated: April 9 2006Disclaimer: For all of these podcasts I know the host, or they are at most one friend away. As part of my open and honest approach there are … Continue reading

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I have kicked OpenOffice to the curb (for now)

For the last month or so I have using OpenOffice. It is part of my long term plan to try moving my personal Laptop (email/ web browsing machine mainly) to Linux. The idea is to find open source software that exists … Continue reading

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ATLANTA: Microsoft are hiring 20+ consultants in Atlanta y’all

Today I looked at the Atlanta job boards for the first time in a good while. It appears even Microsoft is having a hard time finding people in this mini tech-boom, I say this because they have resorted to public job postings. Salary is … Continue reading

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