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1080p media available on Amazon

Not that anyone can afford a 1080p TV/ Projector yet, but the media is now available: Microsoft is finally catching up and providing movie trailers, though strangely not using h.264 😉 Advertisements

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Tabbed Browsing in IE6

This news is at least two weeks old: The latest MSN Toolbar allows tabbed browsing in IE6. It works great and I have not used Firefox since installing it: One installed your tabs will look like this (sweet):

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LCD not quite in focus? Use DVI

Boring post I know: Today I used an Acer AL1914 19″ LCD Monitor with a DVI compatible video card (it was purchased for those contracts where contractors are provided whatever hardware was about to be sat on the curb). The difference is … Continue reading

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CDATA Section means nothing? You should read this post

This is super simple but amazingly few developers know CDATA exists. About a year ago I asked Burr Sutter what was all this CDATA garbage in messages we were receiving from an (IBM) MQ feed. He told me and I was … Continue reading

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Wo sind Paul und Richard?

Roughly 24 hours after arriving at Atlanta airport Saturday morning Richard Rubin and I arrived ready to begin at our client site tomorrow. The view from my hotel window is rather good and I though y’all might appreciate it: We … Continue reading

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