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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Paul Wilson tagged me – thanks Paul! Thanks for all the traffic you send my way too. Hopefully this list is not too boring.

  • Fast automobiles are my only vice, I shun status symbols and live frugally in a small suburban ranch
  • Before hitting 40 I will run a full marathon and break a 6 minute mile
  • With luck I will semi-retire into an AI related PhD at about age 45, then teach Computer Science until my gray matter expires. Twice before I have been a gnat’s whisker from applying for a PhD, but working in the USA was more appealing – oh yes, and I like shiny new BMWs too much :)
  • There is only one naturally spotted domestic cat, the Egyptian Mau. My wife owns one and walks him on a leash! She also owns Ocicat which are bred to be spotted
  • About ten years ago a system admin Nazi (is there any other kind?) raked me over hot coals for forwarding an amusing ‘Chain letter’ – hence I am not tagging anyone else
  • Currently engaged with YouTube Converter oDownloader