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iTunes 4.9 has podcast support – A MAJOR disappointment

For about two months I have been really looking forward to the 4.9 version of iTunes – I expected seamless podcast support and most importantly auto conversion to bookmarkable aac files. When you listen to number of podcasts I do … Continue reading

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My first day at Realtor School

Bet you did not expect that! Has Paul given up on technology and turned to the slippery side? Nah of course not; property is vague hobby of mine and the material is fascinating. Plus when flipping houses you save almost … Continue reading

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Moved to dasBlog

It took about five hours all-in to move from .Text to Das Blog. Thanks to Michael Earls for his part in dottext2dasblog.¬†I had to make a change to their codebase so my comments would import (I simply made the tool … Continue reading

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Where were I? (StackTrace Class)

On my current project we wished to impersonate a WebService for test purposes and decided to record live messages using XmlSerialization. For the first few messages I manually implemented code to serialize to a file. This cut-and-paste reuse¬†obviously had to … Continue reading

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We only work with Microsoft Certified Architects

Just a heads-up. Love or hate certifications we will likely be hearing that next year for any senior .Net position. Even if you are already MC*.* you don’t have this one which is coming next year: I stumbled across this while … Continue reading

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Radio Me Channels you should be listening to

Two important points here: Radio Me is a term coined by Peter Day of the BBC for what was formerly known as podcasting. English media appears to bending over backward to never say the word iPod or podcasting If you have … Continue reading

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