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HIP-CAPTCHA: Stop comment SPAM in 5 minutes (Updated)

For a while I was thinking of adding a CAPTCHA to this blog but the comment spam was pretty low. It seemed easier to remove spam manually, than modify and re-compile .Text. Last week the spam got silly, so I … Continue reading

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NON TECH: The Black Napkin Mystery

In the USA I have noticed waiters at higher end restaurants often whip away the white napkins, leaving black ones in their place. This has been puzzling. It even got to the stage where I Googled ‘Black Napkin’ once, but … Continue reading

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VirtualPC SP1 is out + how to run VirtualPC over RDP

SP1 has been available since the 12th December 2004: It certainly makes virtual machines start faster and feel more snappy. Before upgrading remember to shut down all your virtual machines first otherwise they may not work after installing SP1. … Continue reading

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Tech Calendar for Jan/Feb 2005

This was more difficult because few groups are posting information on their 2005 meetings yet. Keep checking back as I will update it with more details every couple of weeks: Highlights for early 2005 are: 17th Jan – Keith … Continue reading

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