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Routers with Hard Drives? What a great idea

Asus are the first out of the gate with one: A big sell to me is: Hide one in your attic or coal house and you have a theft proof network drive. This device also comes with Bittorrent, ftp etc capable client and servers, although … Continue reading

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Cat-5 Wiring: Order matters – Duh!

This may be common knowledge to everyone but me. In our new house I made two long cat-5 cables to span from a switch to the 2nd xmbc xbox and a PC in a remote bedroom. Well neither (longish) cable would … Continue reading

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Google is in Atlanta (and hiring)

It is interesting to learn that Google believes Atlanta important enough to have a real office here now. Cool as Google is they are actually in the city too, unlike Microsoft who recently moved to the SUV swamped suburbs of North Atlanta. The Atlanta office seems … Continue reading

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