My Highlights of 2006 and Goals for 2007

It is the time of year again, and since Lariam has almost totally gone my life will return even closer to normal this year.

Professional Highlights of 2006

  • Lariam is barely holding me back now. About one day a month I still take a sick day, but such days are now fairly bearable. At this rate I expect zero sick days by 2008 (seven years since taking two pills!)
  • Returned to an Architect role again and for the first time in years

Personal Highlights of 2006

  • Almost have one rental house self sufficient. It should require little maintenance and pay for itself in 15->20 years
  • Polished DIY skills. Now able to effectively manage contractors
  • Track day at Road Atlanta
  • Gotten a handle on Retirement

2006 was really a major regrouping after Lariam and the start of crunching numbers for retirement planning, so what about 2007:

Professional Goals for 2007

  • Really make a difference at work instead of just nudging people in better directions
  • Give at least two high-visibility presentations
  • Re-read and fully digest classic foundation of Software-Development books such as Code Complete. Aim to be an world-class expert in directing software development teams
  • At least skim-read 7 Habits and Getting Things Done etc

Personal Goals for 2007

  • More retirement planning
  • At least one weekend at Road Atlanta and all Solo2 schools
  • At least a half-marathon, try for six minute mile or full marathon
  • Unless technology takes over again, attempt to buy at least one more rental property and use >90% contractors to upgrade where necessary

Surely no-one but me is interested, but what happened to last year’s goals?

Professional Goals for 2006

  • Start picking up the pace work-wise (Lariam willing)
    • YES! Now I am probably at 30% of my pre-Lairam work pace, which is not bad at all
  • Continuous improvement of speaking skills especially for Code Camps – rival Mark Dunn before 2007!!
    • Somewhat. The skills getting close to Mark Dunn et-al, but not quite
  • Find more time to help with requests for Podcasts, book writing, company foundation etc
    • No, I changed focus to locking down retirement goals instead
  • Ensure everything I do for the .Net community is of the highest possible quality
    • YES!
  • Read/ skim-read all the well known management/ personal success books (cringe)
    • Somewhat

Personal Goals for 2006

  • Do not annoy anyone if Lariam hits again
    • YES! There were only two bad sessions last year, and I was even polite to the incompetent clowns who fired me to protect their jobs
  • Live modestly, including driving a used car which gets good mpg
    • YES and no. In the USA new cars can be as cheap as used cars to run – I tried to buy a used Miata more than once, but used prices were just too high
  • Do at least one auto-cross every month
    • Somewhat, I did every school possible including one at Road Atlanta
  • Find time to achieve a 6 minute mile
    • No, but kept residual fitness
  • Move to a more central part of Atlanta
      • Somewhat, my wife and I now how very short commutes and are with walking distance of a great pub
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