Which Cell Phone?

OK, the peer pressure is too much. This weekend we are doing our Wedding registry so I’ll look at buying a cell phone while in consumer mode.

Already owning a Dell X3i, I think a SmartPhone rather than joint PDA/phone is what
I’d like. Anyone have any ideas? I know nothing about US plans either. The only calls
made will be short ‘where are you guys?’ and ‘honey, I’ll be home a bit later…’ type
calls. Everyone knows I am cheap-skate so cost is factor too, I’m much more bothered
about lowering the monthly cost than the up front phone cost. Oh, I don’t need wireless
internet access either, but Bluetooth would be good so it will work hands free in
the car + maybe WiFi for application development.

A camera would be neat too so I can do a MobLog for a while. The novelty will wear
off fast, but it should be fun for a month or two.

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