Google’s shiny new Browser

Chrome is out, download it here: I know the title post was a little obvious, a quick web-search shows a stack of hits for it already 😦

Chrome is built on webkit and has worked fine for me on all my favorite sites so far, interesting tidbits:

  • Task Manger shows each tab is a separate process – for better stability one assumes
  • Love my new desktop shortcuts to gmail, hotmail etc 🙂
  • The new tab option shows screenshots of favorite pages – cool
  • Starts-up fast, renders fast 🙂
  • Username/ passwords were sucked out of Firefix – creepy
  • It evilly dropped a shortcut into my quick launch bar, grrr

So it looks like us web-devs will soon have three mainstream browsers to test for 🙂 All the more reason for everyone to start using JQuery etc.

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One Response to Google’s shiny new Browser

  1. I too have been impressed overall with Chrome, though the terms-of-service are a bit concerning, albeit fairly obvious coming from Google.

    It would appear that Chrome is no different from Google Search, Apps, etc. in it’s ability to mine data about you for the purpose of targeting ads.

    cnet has posted a good summary of the TOS here.

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