Google’s shiney new Browser

Chrome is out, download it here: I know the title post was a little obvious, a quick web-search shows a stack of hits for it already 🙁

Chrome is built on webkit and has worked fine for me on all my favorite sites so far, interesting tid-bits:

  • Task Manger shows each tab is a separate process – for better stability one assumes
  • Love my new desktop shortcuts to gmail, hotmail etc 🙂
  • The new tab option shows screenshots of favorite pages – cool
  • Starts-up fast, renders fast 🙂
  • Username/ passwords were sucked out of Firefix – creepy
  • It evilly dropped a shortcut into my quick launch bar, grrr

So it looks like us web-devs will soon have three mainstream browsers to test for 🙂 All the more reason for everyone to start using JQuery etc.

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