Time wasting humour: Bad programmer diseases

It seems many people have not run across these posts yet, I particularly loved this one:

4. RealEstateStockMarketitis: Usually occurs in patients around the age of 25 with about 3-4 years of post college experience. The sudden rush of a few ten thousand dollars in the bank prompt them to set high aims and expectations and a definite fool proof plan for retirement before the age of 30. Of course they are working here only because its a favor on us, and we should be thankful to be friends with a future Warren Buffet. Usually found shouting stock symbols over the cubicle walls – a sure shot symptom is someone who never lost a dime in the stock market. This disease frequently occurs in groups and his highly communicable with possibly dire consequences.

Prepare to laugh your ass off:

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2 Responses to Time wasting humour: Bad programmer diseases

  1. Sahil Malik says:

    LOL glad you like it :), though I’ve moved my blog over here now – blah.winsmarts.com

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