Two weeks without work

Due to paperwork issues the Gods blessed me with a two week vacation. What does a .Net workaholic do with two weeks off? A lot more than I show in these pics actually. Yeah it is all boring but I’ll bet 50% of you are thinking of doing similar jobs on your houses and may be interested:

Ceramic tile removal took me an hour per 12->15 sq/ft – A pro jobs costs $4-6 per sq/ft. It is hard work and for more than 100sq/ft I recommend hiring help or at least renting/ buying a hammer drill
Laying prefinished floating engineered hardwood took me about 6 hours per 100 sq/ft. All my downstairs rooms apart from kitchen laundry room cost $3500 in wood + underlay – circa $10k for pro installation or less if you do not let installers take shortcuts. The wood is BR111 Engineered which looks good and is not ‘too’ harmful on the rainforest compared to solid which looks just the same. Environmentally I believe it is better than carpet as the wood will obviously bio-degrade when it is finally ripped out in hopefully twenty plus years. It can be resanded but that costs > $5 per sq/ft so almost no one actually does it
Shed painting took almost no time at all with the Wagner sprayer. Prep + cleanup took about three hours.
Wiring Cat 5 + surround sound takes AGES! There is no wonder you only normally see this in high end houses; the labor cost must be massive.
Oh yes the other rooms and half bath total replacement are weekend projects during these colder months. I wonder why so many people loathe DIY?

The doors are new too! My Father + Uncle built them thankfully

The Wager Paint Crew sprayer just rocks – took about 4 mins for the whole shed per

What a wreck

That trailer rules. It folds for storage and you can buy one here

900 sq/ft of wood – FYI this would fit in a small SUV

Weapons of choice – be careful, hands don’t grow back

Urgh! Is that my Family Room? It looks like a building site

A shop vac – that will come in handy

Getting started…

Hours pass… still getting started

Day 2 and i am barely 100 sq/ft in?!?!

Wish I were behind a VDU and Keyboard right about now

Day 3 – Will I finish today?

Ok that’s is until tomorrow! Suzanne helped today and it was about twice as fast, it is much less boring with two people

Day 4; Sunday before the new job starts – A final hour doing the stuff that I could not reach yesterday – phew!

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