Release Builds with Debug Symols (i.e. line numbers in your error logs)

will be basic trivia to those with a Microsoft development background, but I only learned it on my last project: In a nutshell Release v’s Debug only sets certain compilation switches. Consequently it is no problem to deliver a release build with Debug Symbols. From my research compile time and JIT optimizations are not affected, but I stand to be corrected on that point.

Can anyone tell me why one would NOT always deploy pbd (debug symbols) files with your code other than IP issues? Note to Sys-admins: ‘because I hate all developers and it makes my day to see them struggle debugging blind’ is not a valid answer 🙂

Coupled with log4net deploying pdbs really helped me stabilize a nightmare of a background process on my last assignment. What is log4net I hear many ask? Attend the first fifteen minutes of my Atlanta Code Camp presentation or read a post or two like this:

Do I hear a few voices at the back are saying they love EIF and the MS Application Block? If you are using them already then probably stick with them as they do work, if not scan these posts and make an educated decision:

There are many more posts debating EIF and log4net:


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