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Should I buy a 3D Printer?

Thinking of buying a 3D Printer? Let’s give that thought a quick reality-check… I was ready for a somewhat hobbyist experience but it took way longer than expected to have the printer assembled and printing acceptably. Mine is a $549 … Continue reading

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Reduce back and/or neck pain with a 50 cent cardboard box

Virtually all software developers eventually experience neck and/or back pain. Mine gradually increased from light neck pains in 1995/6 to being unable to work one day in 2001. Doctor’s advice: “stop doing what makes it hurt”. Useful… ¬†Earlier today Martin … Continue reading

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Custom Building a Modern Mountain Bike

This was a dream bike build for me and lots of readers share the dream, so here goes: Build or buy? Building means you specify all the components. Even $5K bikes often come with pretty lame wheels, crank sets, cassette … Continue reading

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TurboTax vs TaxCut 2008

TurboTax has been wonderful over the years but the 2008 price totally made me baulk. An eye popping $229.80 this year for my needs: $49.95 Premier inc Rental Properties + $34.95 Per State $109.95 Business including S Corporations H&R Block … Continue reading

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Bit of fun here: last week I headed to North Carolina and Deal’s Gap, aka Tail of the Dragon as I was sick of hearing friends talk about how great it was. 318 curves in 11 miles is their tagline, … Continue reading

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Moved to WordPress

This is the new feed: The transition was fairly painless. The DasBlog posts imported to WordPress directly from the RSS feed, but all the comments were lost. This may be a future possibility so I zipped up a working … Continue reading

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Paul Wilson tagged me – thanks Paul! Thanks for all the traffic you send my way too. Hopefully this list is not too boring: How many spots can you spot? Fast automobiles are my only vice, I shun status symbols … Continue reading

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