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DD-WRT on Linksys WRT54G v8

Many sites say v8 of the WRT-54G routers cannot be flashed with DD-WRT…. Continue reading

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HDTV – What everyone needs to know

Bright people surround my life, but I am often surprised when conversation steers to HDTV. Many of these otherwise intelligent and technical savvy people make basic mistakes. HDTV is not a ‘core-comptency’ of mine, but I am confident that this … Continue reading

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Happy with the Hanselman Remote

Last year Scott Hanselman raved about the Harmony 880. I have been using one for three months, and have to say it tamed my fairly complex media set-up. The system was manageable before I cancelled Tivo + premium cable, instead switching to an … Continue reading

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IPTV: Democracy Player

Update (2nd July): Since this post I have reverted back to using Juice Receiver which although not designed for video has fewer glitches. If anyone knows of a more reliable solution please let me know. IPTV is about where podcasting … Continue reading

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NON TECH: Star Wars Relevations professional fan film [Updated – DVD Torrent]

Update: Installation of Aureus from SourceForge and waiting a little over a day left Revelations.iso on my HD. Minutes later a DVD-RW was burned and placed in my DVD player. If you are downloading Revelations wait for the DVD download. … Continue reading

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