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Should I buy a 3D Printer?

Thinking of buying a 3D Printer? Let’s give that thought a quick reality-check… I was ready for a somewhat hobbyist experience but it took way longer than expected to have the printer assembled and printing acceptably. Mine is a $549 … Continue reading

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Custom Building a Modern Mountain Bike

This was a dream bike build for me and lots of readers share the dream, so here goes: Build or buy? Building means you specify all the components. Even $5K bikes often come with pretty lame wheels, crank sets, cassette … Continue reading

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Non Tech: Five weeks of DIY comes to an end

After five weeks of DIY it stopped being fun. Over the last year we’ve all but re-built rental house #2. Everything other than the trees was 100% DIY, and these were the most satisfying: New Bathroom (only ~ $800!) New … Continue reading

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Our $16,000 bathroom remodel

OK, only kidding but it got you attention right. Over the last few years I know several people that fully remodeled a bathroom. Are you sitting down before I tell you the cost? Well the cheapest was $14,000 and the … Continue reading

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Cat-5 Wiring: Order matters – Duh!

This may be common knowledge to everyone but me. In our new house I made two long cat-5 cables to span from a switch to the 2nd xmbc xbox and a PC in a remote bedroom. Well neither (longish) cable would … Continue reading

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MUNDANE: Two weeks without work (in pics)

Due to paperwork issues the Gods blessed me with a two week vacation. What does a .Net workaholic do with two weeks off? A lot more than I show in these pics actually. Yeah it is all boring but I’ll bet … Continue reading

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Looking for Podcasts?

On this week’s Gillmor Gang, Adam Curry mentioned this link: IT Conversations had a good interview with Adam last week. For those that grew up in a cave (or Europe like me) and don’t know who Adam Curry is … Continue reading

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