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10x Developers and 10x Projects

In addition to Scott’s and many, many other 10x Developer posts here are opinions from someone labeled ‘hyper-productive’ on most projects. Key Points 10x is a zone we enter at times, it cannot be sustained 10x has historically (in Mythical Man Month etc) … Continue reading

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Filter log4net to a single thread using Notepad++

Over the years I’ve Googled and Googled for a solution to this. Heck I even tried Bing! Finally time + an urgent need permitted figuring out a simple solution. To filter down to one thread using Notepad++: Copy the angle … Continue reading

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TeamCity Release Build sgen.exe gotcha

TeamCity is great, I had it up and running with Automated Tests in just minutes. But.. attempting to make a Release Build generated the following error. Googling shows many people have the same error and I only found ugly solutions … Continue reading

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Reflections on five years NUnit experience

It has been five years since I first used NUnit and have used it with great success on almost every project since then. This post briefly reflects the pros and cons of Automated Developer Testing I experienced. . Zero Defects … Continue reading

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No Brainer laptop upgrade: 7200 rpm HD

Are you frustrated with speed of your its-not-even-one-darn-year-old laptop? You have probably already spent $150+ putting a gig or two of DDR memory in the 32 bit dinosaur.. I had and my 2.8GHz Hyperthreaded P4 was still a dog. Did … Continue reading

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Free Tools from SysInternals: Watch your File System, Registry and more

There are some great free tools over at Get them now before someone like Computer Associates buys the company and starts charging for them. Personally, one tool in particular called ‘FileMon’ helped solve a tricky file locking problem on … Continue reading

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