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10x Developers and 10x Projects

In addition to Scott’s and many, many other 10x Developer posts here are opinions from someone labeled ‘hyper-productive’ on most projects. Key Points 10x is a zone we enter at times, it cannot be sustained 10x has historically (in Mythical Man Month etc) … Continue reading

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Should I buy a 3D Printer?

Thinking of buying a 3D Printer? Let’s give that thought a quick reality-check… I was ready for a somewhat hobbyist experience but it took way longer than expected to have the printer assembled and printing acceptably. Mine is a $549 … Continue reading

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Compacting Virtual Machines (VirtualBox and VMWare)

Google has never linked me directly to this information, just theories. One day time permitted me to run careful tests so I am sure these techniques are correct/ efficient: Simple tricks to reduce size VM’s Disk Needs: These will wipe … Continue reading

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Filter log4net to a single thread using Notepad++

Over the years I’ve Googled and Googled for a solution to this. Heck I even tried Bing! Finally time + an urgent need permitted figuring out a simple solution. To filter down to one thread using Notepad++: Copy the angle … Continue reading

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Reduce back and/or neck pain with a 50 cent cardboard box

Virtually all software developers eventually experience neck and/or back pain. Mine gradually increased from light neck pains in 1995/6 to being unable to work one day in 2001. Doctor’s advice: “stop doing what makes it hurt”. Useful…  Earlier today Martin … Continue reading

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Bye-bye Mac OS X, hello Win7

Using DOS and Windows since the mid 80’s it was time for a change. Vista was never reliable on any of the three machines I tried, Microsoft fanboys were killing creditability in the user group scene – heck it got to the … Continue reading

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TeamCity Release Build sgen.exe gotcha

TeamCity is great, I had it up and running with Automated Tests in just minutes. But.. attempting to make a Release Build generated the following error. Googling shows many people have the same error and I only found ugly solutions … Continue reading

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