See you at Mix06

Mix means developers, designers and business professionals at the same conference. Most devs I know are waiting for TechEd/ PDC, but I jumped at the chance to ‘win’ my ticket at the Architect’s meeting today (It will cost me about $400 for the flight + hotel room). Taking a full week off week is too costly, and I am not quite networked enough to justify attending PDC or TechEd. Most people I know only go to them network, and barely see a presentation. I think I’ll enjoy the smaller gathering in Vegas, where I hope to see some great people speak including the following who are either major stars or I follow their web blog. Maybe unlike the bigger events I’ll get have a beer with one or two of them.

Superstar speakers: Hopefully I’ll get in the same room as them!
 William (Bill) H. Gates
 Tim O’Reilly

Famous among the geek set:
 Nikhil Kothari
 Rob Howard
 Jeffrey MacManus
 Joe Stegman
 Brad Abrams
 Scott Guthrie
 Doug Purdy
 Clemens Vasters
 Jeremy Zawodny

I’ll be sure to Google MSN-oogle [Paul remembers which company gave him the ticket] everyone else speaking and see what I could otherwise be missing out on.

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2 Responses to See you at Mix06

  1. Glen says:

    Now, Paul, I’m sure you didn’t mean "google everyone else" now, did you? I’m sure you meant you would MSN Search them, right? πŸ˜‰

  2. Now what was I thinking πŸ˜‰

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