ATLANTA: Microsoft are hiring 20+ consultants in Atlanta y’all

Today I looked at the Atlanta job boards for the first time in a good while. It appears even Microsoft is having a hard time finding people in this mini tech-boom, I say this because they have resorted to public job postings.

Salary is $80->130K + stock/bonuses, which I expect are the ranges for a high GPA, few years out of college grad, to the 15+ years of IT experience guy. The candidate must be willing to travel which is why the ceiling about $15K higher than most others in town.

It does not interest me because of the travel, but I’ll be a good few Atlanta based readers are interested. If you apply try to ask a local Microsoft DE/ consultant what the interview may entail – they have a few recurring themes/ questions from what I hear. You might want to ask them how demanding their job is too 😉

So are you interested in selling your soul to the devil, and forgetting what your wife and kids look like? I thought so.. Start by clicking here.

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2 Responses to ATLANTA: Microsoft are hiring 20+ consultants in Atlanta y’all

  1. I’m interested in travel (no wife and kids) but only between states and countries. I have no desire to travel around metro Atlanta every day.

  2. Paul Lockwood says:

    That funny! Good observation Chris. As the resident podcast guy, I could commute all day listening to tech-podcasts, if only it would pay my bills 🙂

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