HanselMinutes Podcast Review

HanselMinutes (.Net and Tech Tools)

Scott Hanselman has utilized Carl Franklin’s skills (or vice-versa) to deliver a well produced podcast right out of the box.

Scott agrees with me that many podcasts are full of fluff and he tries hard to be different. He has often said that Podcasting Sucks, and I would like to know how he fills in his ‘dead  time’ while commuting, keeping fit and mowing the lawn. On tech news I now have such a leap over anyone I know it is untrue.

Back to Scott; you probably know already he lives technology 24/7 and I cannot believe how much he knows about such a breadth of subjects. He must sleep 4 hours a day or do research as part of his day job. On the podcast he talks about many of the tools he uses + thi week gave some interesting information on his use of the xbox 360 and other media servers using UPnP but Scott brushed over the issues Carl alluded to.

In summary: All developers should try out this podcast, I enjoy just listening to how someone of Scott’s intellect talks about tech. As with 95% of podcasts some sections bored me and it is a little ad heavy. If anyone knows of a media player with a skip forward/ back button please let me know.

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2 Responses to HanselMinutes Podcast Review

  1. Chuck Boyce says:

    Hi Paul,

    My iRiver T-10 has a skip forward / back button.

    Take care,

    Chuck Boyce

  2. Paul Lockwood says:

    Thanks Chuck, I’ll download the iRiver pdf manual tonight and check it out. I was looking at the iRiver for their recording facility anyway; shame they are bigger than the iPod mini. Being able to skip adverts will be worth the extra bulk though.

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