We only work with Microsoft Certified Architects

Just a heads-up. Love or hate certifications we will likely be hearing that next year for any senior .Net position. Even if you are already MC*.* you don’t have this one which is coming next year:


I stumbled across this while researching MCDBA. Apparently if you are an already MCSD, only two more exams are needed for an MCDBA. It is probably worth the $250 + a couple of months study time – yes Dave I am a slow learner 😉

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3 Responses to We only work with Microsoft Certified Architects

  1. Chris Wallace says:

    Unless I move on to another company, I won’t be getting that one. Anyway, have you done the MCSD.NET yet? I’ve been wanting to finish it up but I don’t use web services or a lot of XML @ my job and probably never will so I’m not really sure how to prep for that one.

  2. Paul Lockwood says:

    The MCSD.Net was pretty easy apart from the XML Web Services exam which I found a nightmare to study for and eventually take. It covers much more than Web Services and XML, but I really learned a lot of buzzwords that I ended up using on contracts – just knowing a technology existed meant I could research in more detail when necessary. I used the MS Press book + public Forums for examples of past questions.
    <br>I also found the Web one pretty hard, but everyone else says it is easy.
    <br>The other three were a walk in the park. Don’t even bother studying for the ‘Solution Architecture’ test, it is a simple comprehension. If you can read you should pass.
    <br>At this point it may be worth waiting for the v2.0 exams – I cannot see them being out much later then the product which ships in Q3, right? Ok maybe Q4.

  3. Chris Wallace says:

    I’m hoping it ships within the next month or two, it can’t get here soon enough. I took the VB.NET Web exam and passed it fine and I’m sure I can pass the Win exam in Vb or C# at this point. Sql exam shouldn’t be a problem either. The XML one is the one I’ve been worrying about since I started doing the exams. I’ll check out the MS book. Thanks for the advice.

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