Probably the best resume in the world

Not to be big headed but recruiters often tell me that my resume is awesome/ best they have seen in a long time/ very impressive etc. Good job I did not let it go to my head, during today’s blog-catch-up-a-thon a stumbled across Scott Hanselman’s resume:

Can anyone beat that? Overly ambitious and hard working as I am, finding this was a real Wayne’s World I’m not worthy moment. Just looking at the hobbies section: Amateur Linguistics – Spanish, Amharic (Ethiopian), Arabic, and Bantu Languages (Ndebele, Zulu, kiSwahili). Amateur?!?! They don’t even all use our alphabet.

Check out Scott’s blog:

I love his posting style: generally just statements with little explanation or conclusion. Certainly challenges the grey matter. He was on DNR with Rory a few weeks ago which is how I stumbled on this gem of a blog. While listening to the show I had deja-vu of some recent interview questions when Scott’s (apparently) famous .Net interview question post was mentioned:

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