Hello, Sc0ble

Thanks to Michael E for this.

Over the weekend, avec new laptop I started the switch-over to less DIY on the house and more tech (this is all planned, and it is time to catch up with and Keith and Michael again). Not that a day wrestling with a core aerator and hundreds of pounds of sand on a hot Atlanta had anything to do with this starting on Friday 😉

Michael’s post stimulated me to wade through the unread Sc0ble posts in my aggregator (all were unread). Yes I was subscribed but never rarely read them assuming anything good would be mentioned elsewhere anyway. Well three hours later my knowledge of Indigo, Goolge maps, Xaml, and a whole bunch of other areas was vastly improved. This post is to let everyone know there is great value in the hours Scoble spends sifting through blog noise to find the most useful articles. If you are not reading Sc0ble I recommend starting now. Please Google for his personal blog + his link blog because there is no link from this post. For those that never have heard of Robert Sc0ble, he is the bloggers’ blogger and now works for Microsoft over at Channel 9.

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