VirtualPC SP1 is out + how to run VirtualPC over RDP

SP1 has been available since the 12th December 2004:

It certainly makes virtual machines start faster and feel more snappy. Before upgrading remember to shut down all your virtual machines first otherwise they may not work after installing SP1.

A personal VPC bugbear was using VPC over RDP – the mouse was out of sync. Many newsgroup postings recommended all sorts of ideas relating to video card hardware acceleration. Well today I finally installed Virtual Machine Additions which solved the issue. The Machine Additions are on VPC’s action menu and is installed to virtual machines, not the client that runs VPC.

RDP and VPC is a great combo. Buying one of those thin client PC’s and moving this noisy (but fast) 64Bit box to my server ‘room’ is getting more tempting now I can use VPC over RDP.

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2 Responses to VirtualPC SP1 is out + how to run VirtualPC over RDP

  1. (Keith Rome) says:

    IMO a better solution is to use RDP directly to a virtual machine. Performance is much better than RDPing to the host machine, then kicking off a virtual session inside of that. Just RDP directly into that session.
    <br>I do this with my virtual vmware servers… it works great (you would never know they werent physucal machines). Of course I havent tried it with XP as the guest OS, only win2000 and 2003 server. Also, in order to get the &quot;headless&quot; virtual machine sessions (which truly enables the server-based virtual machines), I have to run vmware GSX server. Their Workstation level product is not sufficient. The Server product allows you to run a virtual machine as a background service, without even having the host console logged in. I have not used it, but would bet VPC Server does this also.

  2. Paul Lockwood says:

    Virtual Server 2005 should do the same thing. I have finally found it in MSDN downloads (by searching the treeview source!). It is in Special Offers – because it is only free to MSDN Subscribers for a short while. Sometime this week I’ll try it out – stacking a box with lots of memory and using VPC Server will reduce the number of PCs I have running. It will make future hardware upgrades very easy.

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