Which Cell Phone?

OK, the peer pressure is too much. This weekend we are doing our Wedding registry so I’ll look at buying a cell phone while in consumer mode.

Already owning a Dell X3i, I think a SmartPhone rather than joint PDA/phone is what I’d like. Anyone have any ideas? I know nothing about US plans either. The only calls made will be short ‘where are you guys?’ and ‘honey, I’ll be home a bit later…’ type calls. Everyone knows I am cheap-skate so cost is factor too, I’m much more bothered about lowering the monthly cost than the up front phone cost. Oh, I don’t need wireless internet access either, but Bluetooth would be good so it will work hands free in the car + maybe WiFi for application development.

A camera would be neat too so I can do a MobLog for a while. The novelty will wear off fast, but it should be fun for a month or two.

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3 Responses to Which Cell Phone?

  1. Brendon Schwartz says:

    If you get a cell phone that will be good enough for me. You should get the new smart phones that have plans starting at like $75 a month.

  2. Matt Ranlett says:

    Ignore Brendon’s comment about the cost of the plans. There are 2 considerations here:
    <br> A phone with all the features you want, at whatever cost.
    <br> A cheap monthly plan with not much included in the way of minutes b/c you don’t plan to use many.
    <br>For the telephones, I recommend you check out the following:
    <br> Audiovox – the one Keith Rome has. Looks like a phone, has a camera, does BlueTooth, runs Microsoft OS.
    <br> Voq – the one given away at the Mobility Roadshow. Also looks like a phone, not sure about the camera, does BlueTooth, runs Microsoft OS, has a QWERTY keyboard.
    <br>Go look on the MS Mobility website, they list all the available phones.
    <br>Once you chose the phone, you have to get a carrier that supports that phone. Not all phones work with all providers. Every provider has cheap plans ($40/month or lower) so it really won’t be too difficult for you on this end.

  3. Tom says:

    Working for T-Mobile, I get to try all the new phones and am currently using a Nokia 6230. It’s not a SmartPhone which means it doesn’t need charging every night and it never crashes. I also use a Blackberry 7230 for my email and would use this universally except that it doesn’t support MMS or have a Camera. The web browsing is best of class.
    <br>If you must have a SmartPhone then Symbian is still a better bet than Microsoft and I’d recommend the Sony Ericsson P900. if you’re happy with big clunky and proprietary then go for the Sidekick II – but beware that both of these devices carry a big price tag.
    <br>For you Paul, I’d recommend a Nokia 6230 unless you really want to do email on the go, in which case you should use Blackberry.

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