Looking for Podcasts?

On this week’s Gillmor Gang, Adam Curry mentioned this link:


IT Conversations had a good interview with Adam last week. For those that grew up in a cave (or Europe like me) and don’t know who Adam Curry is – he was the VJ on MTV in the 80’s with big hair. Apparently he is quite the budding Steve Wozniak type.

First weekend after the mobility group kick-off meeting I intend to get an iPod wired into up to my car’s audio bus. For anyone else with a post 2001 3 series this is how to do it:


Probably I’ll hook into the bus via the trunk (where the CD changer would go) to save ripping the dash apart
Post 2001 cars can also do BlueTooth: http://www.golilm.com/DIY/Bluetooth/

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