Backup your Blogs

Probably everyone already does this, but if not it is incredibly easy to create a
DTS package that will do a nightly backup of your blog. The only semi-tricky part
is realizing you have to start the Windows Service SQLSERVERAGENT. My Domain server
is on 24×7 and it is comforting to know every evening it makes a backup of these jottings.

On a related note, does anyone remember seeing this on my blog:

.Text – Application Error!


A blog matching the location
you requested was not found. Host = [], Application = [blog]


It was due to two domains pointing to the same IP address. For an as-yet-unknown reason
the primary alias changed once in a while. Luckily it only took about five minutes
to download the .Text source code, make a quick modification and upload recompiled dlls.
If anyone sees the error again please let me know.

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