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Evaluated Node.js, moving 100% to JavaScript – am backing off for a while

It has been fun. Following a month ramping-up on JavaScript, AngularJS, Node.js and Git conclusions are: AngularJS looks great Hold off on Node Keep JavaScript close, but not a best buddy JavaScript transcompilers are promising Git is really easy to … Continue reading

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Technology Fragmentation is a Project Killer

Project failure is very real Standish Group research shows ‘Of 3,555 projects from 2003 to 2012 that had labor costs of at least $10 million, only 6.4% were successful‘. 41% were total failures and the rest vastly over-budget or did not … Continue reading

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10x Developers and 10x Projects

In addition to Scott’s and many, many other 10x Developer posts here is an opinion from someone labeled ‘hyper-productive’ on most projects during the past twenty years. Key Points 10x is a zone we enter at times, it cannot be sustained 10x … Continue reading

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Productivity distribution is not Gaussian, closer to Pareto

Productivity Distribution within an IT Team For decades we have been taught that productivity is a Gaussian Distribution (bell-curve) with most team members contributing about average performance: A recent article in the journal of Personnel Psychology caught my eye. It argues … Continue reading

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Should I buy a 3D Printer?

Thinking of buying a 3D Printer? Let’s give that thought a quick reality-check… I was ready for a somewhat hobbyist experience but it took way longer than expected to have the printer assembled and printing acceptably. Mine is a $549 … Continue reading

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Compacting Virtual Machines (VirtualBox and VMWare)

Google has never linked me directly to this information, just theories. One day time permitted me to run careful tests so I am sure these techniques are correct/ efficient: Simple tricks to reduce size VM’s Disk Needs: These will wipe … Continue reading

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Reduce back and/or neck pain with a 50 cent cardboard box

Virtually all software developers eventually experience neck and/or back pain. Mine gradually increased from light neck pains in 1995/6 to being unable to work one day in 2001. Doctor’s advice: “stop doing what makes it hurt”. Useful…  Earlier today Martin … Continue reading

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