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Excellent Tips on creating a Podcast

It appears Craig Shoemaker’s Polymorphic Podcast is a year old this month. As a side-effect of running through his year as a podcaster Craig gives out some great tips on how to start, grow and publicize your own podcast. This special … Continue reading

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Plasma TV + PC? Make them Pixel Perfect

There is a lot of bad advice going around about hooking up a PC to a Plasma TV + I have seen several people driving their Plasma TV at 800×600 from their PC. Last week I bought an ED Maxent Plasma … Continue reading

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HanselMinutes Podcast Review

HanselMinutes (.Net and Tech Tools)Scott Hanselman has utilized Carl Franklin’s skills (or vice-versa) to deliver a well produced podcast right out of the box. Scott agrees with me that many podcasts are full of fluff and he tries hard to be … Continue reading

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Google Pack (all proles on Linux by 2010?)

It looks like Google is heading towards an ‘everything-casual-PC-users-need’ on their desktop pack: Scott already made excellent comments on the s/w so I won’t repeat his comments other than to say Acrobat is not ‘that’ evil (unlike the Real … Continue reading

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Polymorphic Podcast Review

Given that my recent review of the Polymorphic Podcast was based mostly on vague memories amends have been made and I listened to six recent episodes since. The original ‘review’ is repeated later, but be assured that the new text … Continue reading

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Technical Podcasts Recommendations

Remember the debate over the word podcast? Bet you probably know someone who a better word for ‘compressed audio file transmitted via http and an RSS enclosure’ right? Media Cast, Radio Me, Audio Blog are just a few of the … Continue reading

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My Highlights of 2005 and Goals for 2006

After finding Chris’, Paul’s and Wally’s posts interesting I followed their lead: Professional Highlights of 2005 Lariam is really wearing off; I am rarely out-of-it now No longer on a H1-B work visa so the 50% agent’s cut has gone … Continue reading

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NON TECH: Science of buying a New Car [Update following flames]

Neighbors must wonder what is wrong with my finances; One year I’ll be driving a $3K used hatchback and the next a new BMW. The sticker cost of a car often has little correlation to the enjoyment it gives. As … Continue reading

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